Since 1919 Platignum has put the 'P' into Pens. In fact the history of the pen is our history. We believe your handwriting says a lot about you and so does the pen you hold. That's why over a century's experience as pen pioneers has led us to create this distinctive range of quality pens.

At Platignum we like to combine Fashion with Functionality - we believe our brand is fun, different, fresh, invigorated but above all British. Platignum is about giving consumers choice, about capturing the need to communicate and the freedom of expression. The heart of Platignum is about bringing pleasure and a sense of fun to writing.

Platignum helps to inject vibrancy and color into the world of fountain pens while maintaining quality, In fact, our pens are all manufactured in either brass or aluminium, hitting specific price points and bridging the gap between Everyday pens and Fine Writing instruments.


Our Range